Spa, Salon or B&B: Cozy Slippers and Robes Will Make Your Customers Happy!

If you’re at the helm of a salon, spa, bed-and-breakfast, or hotel, then you know that hospitality can be a competitive business. You’ve probably also learned that it can be the little details that help one location stand out against the others. A customer’s experience within your business is a combination of all those minute details, after all. In hospitality, much of the customer experience is centered around the senses. Their sight is pleased by spectacular views. Their taste buds are dazzled by the restaurant downstairs, while the piano in the lobby gives the newly-arrived something to listen to. All...

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The Mood-Enhancing Powers of Comfortable Bathrobes

The modern lifestyle takes its toll on most of us. A blindingly-fast pace, demanding work schedules, family responsibilities…the list goes on. It’s no wonder that the idea behind vacation in the West is – interestingly enough – usually centered around escaping. We don’t necessarily gravitate toward places we really want to go as much as we’re compelled to get away from the daily grind. This mentality is precisely why we often seek to bring pieces of that vacation mindset into our own homes. Most people need more than a couple of weeks of respite every year. Yes, it’s far better...

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Win Over Your Spa or Hotel Guests with Designer Bathrobes

There’s no doubt that the hospitality industry is one of the primary users of luxury bathrobes, slippers, and other such accessories. Consumers equate these bits of finery with relaxation, pampering, and getting away from it all. If you’re running any type of spa, hotel, B&B, or other service-based destination that means to put comfort first, then you’re certainly missing out if your bathrobes aren’t on point. Robes that are comfortable, functional, and stylish are pivotal to your customers’ overall experience. There are many different robes for different applications. It’s important that your selection matches the theme, mood, and needs of...

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Shopping for the Ultimate Gift: Plush, Designer Bathrobes

When it comes time to shop for the holidays or a birthday, why not give the gift of luxury? After many years of doing our own gift shopping, we’ve learned that comfy designer bathrobes make for one of the best possible gifts …for anyone on your list! The reason why bathrobes are so perfect is simple: Everyone can enjoy the feel and coziness of a high-quality robe, but a surprisingly small number of people actually buy them for themselves. It’s just not an item that many people think of when putting together a shopping list. Instead, most folks encounter plush...

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Wholesale Bathrobes Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Women's Bathrobes

Bathrobes have been around for quite some time, and they’re traditionally worn in the bathroom (of course) or around the house when relaxing casually. It’s worth noting that the use of bathrobes around the home has declined slightly over the years, but their importance in high-end locations such as spas and resorts has become more important than ever. All of the top relaxation spots provide such robes, and they’re always certain to provide their customers with the best garment possible. Ironically, this shift in robe use has made them an incredibly desirable gift. Because plush bathrobes aren’t as common in...

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