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Waffle Kimono Robe Wholesale

Derived from Japan, the kimono robe is an excellent choice in comfort. Alpha Cotton creates modern kimonos to give an aesthetic quality to your relaxation. These bathrobes are made from 100% soft cotton with a well-designed terry fabric inside and out. With convenience in mind, they are made with an adjustable belt and pockets.

Alpha Cotton offers the kimono bathrobe at wholesale prices, so they fit your budget. We offer them directly to you, from our distribution center to your doorstep. Alpha Cotton believes in high quality and comfort for our customers. We only use the best fabric and material to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The kimono bathrobe is available for both men and women in a wide variety of colors.

At Alpha Cotton, quality is our number one priority. We want to offer you the finest product with the best materials. We think you will find our products to be the best you have ever purchased because of the level of high-quality crafting and materials, as well as our wholesale pricing.