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Hotel Robes Wholesale

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White Terry Ringspun Cotton Kimono Bathrobe
$ 20.00
Preshrunk Premium Cotton Honeycomb Kimono Waffle Bathrobes
$ 15.12
Honeycomb Kimono Waffle Bathrobes
$ 15.12
White Shawl Collar Ringspun Cotton Velour Bathrobe
$ 24.50
100% Turkish Cotton White Terry / Velour Kimono Bathrobe
From $ 49.53
White Kimono Ringspun Cotton Velour Bathrobe
$ 23.35
Double Layer Kimono White Cotton Bathrobe
$ 27.57

Hotel robes in wholesale prices available in bulk quantity for sale

For hotel and motel owners, one of the best perks you can provide to your customers are hotel robes. Purchasing good quality hotel robes wholesale is now easier than ever. You can find solid, durable hotel robes on the cheap when you purchase them in bulk while staying within your budget.

Of the many hotel amenities that are appreciated by customers, robes re probably the most recognizable. Their presence separates better hotels from lesser ones as they provide customers something to change into after a long day on the beach, travelling to a new location, or just relaxing after a hot bath.

You will find hotel robes in the catalog that come in different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can customize the robes with the name of your hotel. They provide a bonus for your customers while being soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. For your marketing efforts, the addition of robes provides an incentive for customers choosing your hotel over the competition.

Because the robes are cheap, they can be purchased in bulk, so you always have them available. Plus, you can make new orders in different colors or patterns if you desire. By adding your distinctive touch, you can customize the robes to your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

If you are looking for the best in hotel robes wholesale, you have come to the right place. We offer cheap robes made from durable, comfortable materials in bulk. This will help you expand your cliental while keeping costs down for your hotel.